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ISO 9001: 2008 Quality management system

iso9001The company has introduced and attained certification for a Quality Management System in accordance with requirements of the Standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2008 for business and related activities for selected requirements of the automobile industry. 

Quality Policy

Toyota Tsusho Europe S.A., Czech Branch, is a major commercial company with a wide range of business, logistics and manufacturing activities. We offer our services to customers not only from the Czech Republic but also from many other countries worldwide.

Our objective is to provide customers with services and products with a high utility value and to fulfil the principle of continuous improvement.

The company’s management is aware of the growing demands of customers on product deliveries and service performance in the required quality, within the deadlines and in the quantities agreed and at competitive prices.

To fulfil these requirements, we have created a quality management system and the company’s management has announced a Quality policy, implemented by means of principles in the following areas:

- building long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with the customers
- getting to know the customers‘ needs and requirements and reflecting this knowledge in contractual relationships

- building long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with the suppliers
- in cooperation with the suppliers, consistently enforcing requirements on the workers’ qualification and professional level corresponding to the activity performed

- supporting the development of employee competence to achieve a high level of work quality
- protecting employees’ health and avoiding accidents by effective prevention

Technology and infrastructure
- following the development of new technologies and equipment in the field, actively supporting the introduction of new technologies that will benefit both the customers and our organization
- optimizing logistic flows of materials and products in the organization

Surrounding environment
- actively cooperating with state authorities, organizations and administration bodies operating within the company’s reach
- conducting our business activity in consideration of the environment and permanently seeking to preserve natural wealth, save energy, recycle resources and reduce the risks of environmental damage

The company’s management undertakes to:
- adhere to the aforementioned principles
- comply with the requirements of laws and legal regulations continuously improve the quality management system