Toyota Tsusho Europe

Global 2020 Vision


We created GLOBAL 2020 VISION to achieve sustainable growth on a global scale in the future.

Philosophy / Vision

Philosophy system

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The Toyota Tsusho Group's philosophy system is comprised of four levels.

  • Corporate Philosophy

Living and prospering together with people, society, and the globe,
we aim to be a value-generating corporation that contributes to creation of a prosperous society.

  • Behavioral Guidelines

As a good corporate citizen, we will:

  • implement open and fair corporate activities
  • fulfill our social responsibilities, and conserve the global environment.
  • offer creativity, and provide added value
  • respect people, and create an active workplace worth working in.






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Toyota Tsusho Launches Electrical Steel Sheet Processor in Turkey

-Serving Growing Demand in Europe, North Africa, Middle East-

Toyota Tsusho has established an electric steel sheet processing company, Techno Steel Processing Turkey (TSPT) in Bursa, Turkey in January 2015. TSPT is to produce electrical steel, which is used in power station transformers and to be sold in Turkey and neighboring countries, primarily European markets.

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