Global 2020 Vision


We created GLOBAL 2020 VISION to achieve sustainable growth on a global scale in the future.

Philosophy / Vision

Philosophy system

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The Toyota Tsusho Group's philosophy system is comprised of four levels.

  • Corporate Philosophy

Living and prospering together with people, society, and the globe,
we aim to be a value-generating corporation that contributes to creation of a prosperous society.

  • Behavioral Guidelines

As a good corporate citizen, we will:

  • implement open and fair corporate activities
  • fulfill our social responsibilities, and conserve the global environment.
  • offer creativity, and provide added value
  • respect people, and create an active workplace worth working in.







Five years has passed since we created VISION 2015. To move further ahead of the existing vision, we created Global Vision 2020 to reaffirm Toyota Tsusho Group’s mission, as well as adapting to a rapidly changing business environment, and thereby we continue to achieve sustainable growth on a global scale.

Four pillars of our ideal self

Embracing our Corporate Philosophy that articulates Toyota Tsusho Group’s significance and goals as a company, what we should pursue today to actualize the Philosophy—this is our “ideal self”

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Three business fields that we will focus on to achieve our ideal self ("TRY-1")

As a value-generating corporation, we stepped up our business portfolio to spark sustainable growth. Going beyond the existing 50:50 portfolio between automotive and non-automotive businesses, we identified the following three business areas that we expect sustainable growth.

  • Mobility = A business field that contributes to the evolution of next-generation automobiles
  • Life & Community = A business field that contributes to further improvements in living conditions
  • Earth & Resources = A business field that helps solve global issues

By further enhancing the automotive related business realm, which has been our strength, we aim to expand the mobility business area, and generate synergy effects among three business areas, which are Mobility, Life & Community and Earth & Resources. This way, we aim to achieve a balanced 1:1:1 business portfolio.

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Toward ideal self, where we should focus our efforts

We will join forces across organizational boundaries through "Breakthrough". We will also strive to "link" and "expand" values, technology and business partners in each business area to "create" new businesses, thereby achieving "Co-creation". This way, we will fully capitalize on our collective resources so we can achieve our ideal self.

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Long-term business plan & annual plan:

As a milestone to accomplish our 10-year vision, Toyota Tsusho Group envisions what kind of company we aspire to be in five years time, and establishes a long-term management plan, encompassing numerical targets and strategies to get there.

In addition, we overhaul the long-term plan every year, so we can revise or change existing strategies and numerical goals in response to a changing business environment.

As for the long-term management plan that we formed in the year through March 2012, we continue to work to balance our revenue between automotive and non-automotive businesses (50:50), since its target period is to fiscal year ending March 2016, which is the last year of VISION 2015.

In the meantime, our annual plan to achieve the long-term plan is in action adapting "Speed up" and "Innovative Change" as our key phrases, we will accelerate our attempts to expand business in the emerging markets and promote strategic investments in important business areas, while driving "Innovative Change" by creating new businesses and business models.

The Toyota Tsusho Group Way

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  1. Real places, Real things, Reality
  2. Commercial spirit
  3. Team power

Group slogan

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"Commitment" and "Declaration" of the value that Toyota Tsusho Group will provide for all of our stakeholders, including clients

Keywords symbolized by "G"


Development of our activities on the global stage


Sustaining a healthy yet glowing morale and passion


Constant generation of new businesses