Summary of Business

The Energy & Chemicals Division procures and supplies synthetic resins, chemical products and basic energy resources such as petroleum and coal from around the world to meet the specific needs of customers from both upstream and downstream industries.

In the chemical and synthetic resin field, We are undertaking new business initiatives such as compound materials for automobile and consumer electronics, as well as components and battery materials for hybrid vehicles.

In the energy plant field, in the anticipated field of clean energy, Toyota Tsusho is actively involved in the development of environmentally friendly wind power and natural gas businesses internationally.


Main Products & Services

  • Electronic devices
  • Organic chemicals
  • Component parts for automobile production
  • Fine and inorganic chemicals
  • Automotive embedded software development
  • Plastics and rubber
  • Network integration and support
  • Chemical additives
  • Software
  • Batteries and electronic materials
  • Mobile phones
  • Pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical ingredients


Value Creation Business

[Chemicals and Plastics Value Chains]
In European countries , our main activity is plastic distribution and sales of specialy chemicals. We have strong network for plastic logistic through EU. On other hand investment to upstream is on consideration. In case of specialty chemicals , our parents company is investing to upstream actively , therefoer our role is sales of their products.

SBU or Dept. in Europe