Summary of Business

The Consumer Products & Services Division provides various products and services that support people's daily lives in many different areas.

In the insurance area, we operate insurance sales agencies that provide various insurance plans.

In the lifestyle area, the division's apparel business takes advantage of strengths in functional materials and an extensive production network to act as a comprehensive supplier covering areas ranging from development through to delivery and sales.

In the living and healthcare area, we are developing a medical institution-related business together with peripheral medical-field businesses.


Main Products & Services

  • Life and health insurance, property and casualty insurance
  • Medical facilities and related services, medical equipment
  • Textile raw materials, apparel

Value Creation Business

[Insurance Services Featuring Safety, Security, and Reliability]
Toyota Tsusho operates a multifaceted insurance business. Insurance broker Toyota Tsusho Insurance Management Cooperation (TIM) is expanding project insurance and reinsurance operations.

[Apparel that Offers Happiness and Satisfaction]
Toyota Tsusho creates value across the expansive apparel value chain, which spans from material proposals and product planning and design on through to manufacturing, logistics, and sales. In creating this value, the Company calls upon its ability to obtain unique cotton from around the world and procure other materials such as permeable waterproof materials (GELANOTS). We also take advantage of our robust brand lineup, which includes such brands as Fukuske and Admiral, and our production network in Asia.

[Contributions to Healthy and Satisfying Lifestyles]
Toyota Tsusho is developing a number of businesses that contribute to healthier and more satisfying lifestyles. Through its logistics and transportation service entity, the Company is helping improve local healthcare services by providing state-of-the-art inter-hospital logistics services. "

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