Summary of Business

The Food & Agribusiness Division is developing operations in Japan and overseas in the three business areas of grains, food, and agriculture.

In the grain business, one of our strengths lies in our feed processing complexes, centered on four grain silos in Japan. These silos have piers that enable large vessels to dock alongside them. From the silos, we supply grains via a dedicated pipeline to blended feed manufacturers further inland.

In terms of volume, we are one of the leading handlers of feed grain in Japan. Moreover, we have established a comprehensive value chain in which we import wheat from North America, Australia, and other regions and export flour to Asia through our proprietary sales network.

In the food business, we are catering to diversifying needs by capitalizing on processing bases in Japan and overseas. Imported food products are procured from stringently selected overseas suppliers, and then sold to end consumers through the division's direct sales venues.

Main Products & Service

  • Feed and oilseeds
  • Food ingredients
  • Grains
  • Agriculture, marine, and livestock products
  • Processed foods

Value Creation Business

[Grain Business: Top Class Among Trading Companies in Terms of Import Volumes and Range of Grains Imported]
Products handled:Corn, soybeans, soybean meal, grass hay, fish meal, other livestock feed, wheat, flour, raw sugar, refined sugar, starch, rice, and other grains

[Food Business: Reliable Supplier of Safe and Secure Foods]
Products handled: Nuts, dried fruits, confectionary ingredients, beverages, seasonings, frozen and dehydrated vegetables, marine products, livestock products, processed foods, and other food"