Metals division

Summary of Business

Rather than viewing steel and nonferrous metals simply as commodities, the Metals Division sees them as products with unique properties and functions. This approach allows us to provide optimal products and logistics matching the needs of both suppliers and users. 

In the steel sheet business, the division's processing bases in Japan and overseas are able to deliver products flexibly in response to demand. We achieved this through an IT-enabled ordering system and an efficient logistics system.
In addition, our steel blanking business caters to user needs in countries worldwide. In the steel bars and tubes business, in addition to processing and marketing specialty steel bars and tubes, we market steel construction materials.
In the nonferrous metals business, leveraging a global trading system centered on Japan, London, and Singapore, we are mitigating market volatility risk and expanding businesses. Also, the division operates molten aluminum production and metal resource development businesses around the world.
In the steel raw materials business, our environment-friendly initiatives include recycling iron and steel scrap from plants, demolished buildings, and dismantled ELVs. Currently, the division is extending the scope of these activities beyond metals.


Main Products & Services

  • Steel products and specialty products, steel construction materials, wire rod, steel tubes
  • Iron & steel scrap, nonferrous metals scrap
  • Nonferrous metal ingots, precious metals
  • Aluminum products, copper, copper alloy products
  • End-of-life vehicle (ELV) recycling, waste catalysts


Value Creation Business

[High-Quality Processing, Logistics, and Storage Services]
The greatest differentiating feature of Toyota Tsusho's metals business is the high efficiency with which it coordinates its operations with those of processing companies and manufacturers in Japan and overseas. An example of these high-quality operations is its steel processing centers, which play a pivotal role in our steel sheet business. The centers facilitate the sharing of information between suppliers and users and provide efficient processing, logistics, and storage optimally suited to each company's production status. Furthermore, in the nonferrous metals area, Toyota Tsusho supplies aluminum molten instead of in the conventional form of ingots as this reduces overall energy costs and environmental burden. In addition to these supply functions, the Metals Division also operates a recycling business in which it collects and processes ELVs and scraps produced through factory processes. These highly functional businesses are operated out of 65 bases in 17 countries, and we will continue to expand the scope of operations going forward.


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